Case Studies



Spotify Design Challenge

Visual design | Branding

Let’s improve spotify

Sanne Peters Redesign

Visual Design | Branding

(Re)Design Personal logo

Launch date: May 26 (my birthday!)
Google UX Design Professional Certificate

UXUI Design | Visual Design

Google UX Project

Estimated time of completion: August 2022
Fitpeaks casestudy

Visual Design | Branding | Printmaking


Featured Study Project

Responsive Web Development

I did it!! I finished my fully responsive portfolio developer website; building it from scratch w/o the use of a CMS. So happy I achieved another level in my design/coding journey.  
Learning how to make websites responsive, so that they look good on desktop and mobile devices, is a useful skill to apply. I’ve made use of advanced Bootstrap (Navigation, Utility Classes, etc), CSS Variables, Flexbox, Media Queries, Grid, and more.

Responsive Web Development

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