Frequently asked questions

If there is anything unclear, see if I've answered it below. Otherwise, send me an email.

Where are you based?

I am a design specialist from the Netherlands living back and forth between The Netherlands and Australia ♥

Where is the company registered?

My business is registered in the Netherlands, impacting the tax calculations for business transactions. For collecting VAT from Dutch-registered companies I have the obligation to collect ‘BTW’ due to fiscal regulations from the Netherlands. My Australian clients receive zero rated invoices, meaning GST is at 0%.

Can you provide me a detailed list of services?

Yes, absolutely. Here is a complete menu. The prices include one correction round, and with each extra adjustment, I charge my per hourly rate which is €60 / A$95. Read more on my how it works page.

Do you do tasks other than the ones listed on your services page?

Yes, I can help with all sorts of tasks. And there are a few other content management systems (besides WordPress) I am familiar with, such as Neto, Joomla! And Magento, but I am not specialised in anything and everything, which means others may be faster in solving your problem. If there’s something you’d like help with, add it to your enquiry form or send me an email. If the task is really out of my league, I might be able to recommend someone in my network to help you out.

How long does a service take?

Based on what you need I’ll get back to you with my next available start date and turnaround time (TAT). A logo design can be done in one week time and website in six weeks. Quick turnaround for simple tasks, longer timelines for big projects.

What does turnaround time (TAT) mean?

Turnaround time (TAT) means the amount of time taken to complete a process or fulfill a request. E.g. my estimated TAT of delivering a WordPress website is six weeks.

How much does a service cost?

Have a look at my pricing page. Depending on your needs, your cost to start with is a ‘from’ price. You might want a more comprehensive brand guide or a website with specific customisation which is possible but this will take more time.

Do you outsource work?

If there’s a job that needs to be done that requires specialised skills, like very complex code, I might be able to find someone to help you out. If it's really outside of my skill set, I'll let you know.

What kind of employment arrangements can I hire you for?

I am a freelancer (also called a sole proprietor, sole trader or independent contractor) which means I am self-employed and not committed to a particular employer long-term. I can work full-time for a longer period of time, help out once in a while or work on small projects (if you need someone for e.g. maternity or paternity leave). I’m flexible to your needs*. Long story short, you can work with me directly or add me to your (design) team, I love working with other creatives! 

*subject to my availability.

Can I hire you by the hour?

Yes, that is possible depending on my availability for the month. Have a look at my retainer agreement page.

Do you have an easy way to collaborate and work together?

I'm accustomed to using Trello and Google drive (sharing Google Doc or sheets where we can both work on) and good old email. Or if there is any other system you’d like me to add to, I’m fine with that also. From time to time, we can schedule a video call (Skype, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, Whatsapp) to make sure the project is heading into the right direction.

What happens if we’re in different time zones, how can we work together?

I’ll always do my best to find times that work for both myself and my clients. A useful tool to track time differences is

How do payments work?

If we decide to go ahead, you’ll make a 50% deposit (either on my Dutch or Australian bank account) to lock in your design start date and start prepping for your project!

How do I hire you?

Head on over to my contact page to read the process. First, we’ll have a consultation call to find out what you’d like me to take off your plate, how many hours you need me for, and I’ll send you an invoice. Before we kick off payments must be processed.

Are the fees including or excluding GST?

For my Dutch clients, the fees are excl. GST. For my Australian clients, the fees are included GST.

Are print costs included?

The print costs are not included. I can help organise and send the print files to your favorite print shop or I can recommend a print shop if you need help with that.

How many correction rounds can I have?

After sending a few concepts that you can choose from, I include one correction round. If there is nothing you like from the concepts you only lose the 50% deposit. Concepts take time, and these will always be copyrighted. Read more about the process on the how it works page.

What happens if I really don't like what you present me?

Touch wood (and not to brag) but this never actually happened. I'm pretty good in visualising what someone wants or has in mind. We are in this together and I will give you a lot of moments to be super honest, and I will try to listen to your feedback and direction, as best as I can. I do respect honesty (more than my own ego 😊 ), and if it does happen you are not happy, it will only be the 50% deposit that you will lose, you will gain the preliminary work. Unfortunately the concepts can't be used due to copyright.

Why are there 'from' prices, and not just one price?

Depending on your needs, your cost to start with is a 'from' price. You might want a more comprehensive brand guide or a website with specific customisation which is possible but this will take more time.

Do I need a WordPress website handover lesson?

If you know your way around WordPress or have someone maintaining the website for you, it's not necessary. Every situation is different, therefore I’ve created this website package price list with “add-ons” and “take-offs”. Perfectly tailored to suit your needs.

Can I keep the WordPress template?

You can use the Divi template for your website as long as you want me to maintain your website. I charge a web maintenance fee of €120 / A$195 a year. If you decide to maintain your website, you can order the Divi template on their website.

What is a secret live website link?

After deciding on hosting I'll set up a development environment. This is where I'll be working on your website before it will be visible for the public. But I'll send you a secret link so you can watch where I'm at.

How nice of you to drop by! Let's get in touch and tell me how I can help you get some design related work off your plate.