JMO Service & Trading Business Card

Business card | Logo & Identity

JMO Service & Trading knows everything about fixing machinery and offers technical services, such as installing, adjusting, revising and maintaining machines.

They didn’t want to worry about any graphic design hassle in their start up phase, therefore they choose to have a full startup package. Have a look at their logo design, brand guide, business cards, stationery, customised printed clothing and landing page.

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Johnny Van De Manakker

Owner, JMO Service & Trading

Sanne's strength lies in listening and observing, as well as thinking outside the box and coming up with a creative end product. It was a pleasant cooperation due to quick response time via email and chat. I'm really happy with the final result; more than worth repeating.

Dennis Nohlmans

Owner, Bovic

How nice of you to drop by! Let’s get in touch and tell me how I can help you get some design related work off your plate.