retainer agreement

Get yourself a flexible retainer agreement and add me to your team. I’m flexible and there is no long term lock-in contract which is perfect for your workload fluctuation.

Price Packages

The five-hour Buddy package is a good way to get to know each other. You’ll get a taster of how I work and what I can achieve for your business. My Buddy Pack rate is €300. After a consultation skype call (free of charge) we’ll make a plan about how to spend those five hours efficiently.

advantages of a flexible monthly retainer

After deciding on a package I can work on one-time projects, take on short-term work, or even work with you over a period of months – it all depends on what you need. And there is no lock-in contracts to worry about. Online business workloads fluctuate a lot and that’s why my packages work on a month-to-month basis.

No lock-in contracts

No lock-in contract gives you all the flexibility and ease you need. You don’t have to to stay when you don't want you. Hire me to get you through a busy season, launch a new project or make me an ongoing part of your team.


Flexible usage

Choose your monthly hours and use them up when it suits you. Save your hours for when things get busy, match them to a launch-day, or distribute them evenly throughout the month. It’s up to you!


Add-on hours

Need a few more hours? You may request additional hours at any time throughout the month. Add-on hours will be charged at the same rate as your monthly package. Extra hours are subject to availability.

How nice of you to drop by! Let's get in touch and tell me how I can help you get some design related work off your plate.