How it works

I’ve got your back every step of the way. 

The process

Producing high quality design materials and websites on a tight deadline is something I thrive for. To ensure we make it to the finish line happy and excited, I’ve created an easy step-by-step guide. Here’s how it goes down.

1. Prep Phase

Tell me what you need designed

We will start by creating a simple brief. To guide you through preparing the content I have a design and website brief template to help me understand your design needs, and to make it easy for you to write your copy and gather your images. This is the part where I’ll be giving you a little bit of homework. It’s about your business, so it should be easy and fun! Once I have everything I need, I’ll start creating the designs and/or website of your dreams. 

✓ Capturing your style and specs
✓ From super simple to more complex projects

What can I get designed?

I offer a pretty wide range of services. Take a look at my tasty design & coding menu. It’s full of logos, brand guides, websites, brochures, and more.

How long does it take?

Based on what you need I’ll get back to you with my next available start date and a turnaround time (TAT). Logo design can be done in one week time and website in six weeks. Quick turnaround for simple tasks, longer timelines for big projects.

How much does it cost?

Have a look at my pricing page. Depending on your needs, your cost to start with is a ‘from’ price. You might want a more comprehensive brand guide or a website with specific customisation which is possible but this will take more time.

2. Design/build phase

This is the phase where you relax, and I will put the vision into effect.

After making sure we’re perfectly aligned on our creative direction. I’ll start designing and/or coding. We’ll refine each element to make sure it is perfect before moving forward.

For those with a design request, depending on the request, I usually present you three concepts to choose from.

For those with a website request, I’ll send you a secret live link so you can watch where I’m at. We’ll start with a pre-made template that you like, and from there I’ll rebuild it to the site of your dreams. When it’s ready for review, we’ll jump on a live call and work through the design section-by-section.

✓ You can relax, and I’ll start creating 
✓ Secret live link so you can watch where I’m at*

*For those with a website request

Do you have an easy way to collaborate and work together?

I’m accustomed to using Trello and Google drive (sharing Google Doc or sheets where we can both work on) and good old email. Or if there is any other system you’d like me to add to, I’m fine with that also. From time to time, we can schedule a video call (Skype, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, Whatsapp) to make sure the project is heading into the right direction.

What is a secret live website link?

After deciding on hosting I’ll set up a development environment. This is where I’ll be working on your website before it will be visible for the public. But I’ll send you a secret link so you can watch where I’m at.

3. Correction phase

I love to hear your feedback!

We are almost there. We’ll discuss which concept you’d like me to further work on. Then I’ll present you the revised design and if necessary you can have one more correction round. 

If you requested a website, we’ll have another live revision call to finalise every detail of your new website until you’re absolutely happy, and almost can’t wait any longer for me to finish it.

✓ Live revision call
✓ One correction round

How many correction rounds can I have?
After sending a few concepts that you can choose from, I include one correction round. If there is nothing you like from the concepts you only lose the 50% deposit. Concepts take time, and these will always be copyrighted.
What happens if I really don't like what you present me?

Touch wood (and not to brag) but this never actually happened. I’m pretty good in visualising what someone wants or has in mind. We are in this together and I will give you a lot of moments to be super honest, and I will try to listen to your feedback and direction, as best as I can. I do respect honesty (more than my own ego 😊), and if it does happen you are not happy, it will only be the 50% deposit that you will lose, you will gain the preliminary work. Unfortunately the concepts can’t be used due to copyright.

4. Deliver

This is the best part! It’s time to celebrate, and flaunt your design/s or website

Once you’re happy with the design/s, I’ll finish it up and deliver all kinds of formats you need to let it printed or post online.

If you requested a website we’ll have a WordPress handover lesson, where I’ll teach you everything you need to know to manage your new online home. You’ll be able to create posts, include awesome images and spread your message.   

✓ Production ready files for print and digital
✓ Copyright and ownership is all yours 

What design files do I need?

If you need files for digital use then you need JPG, GIF or PNG files in RGB color mode. If you’re getting designs printed then you’ll need PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign files in CMYK colour mode.

Do I need a WordPress website handover lesson?

If you know your way around WordPress or have someone maintaining the website for you, it’s not necessary. Every situation is different, therefore I’ve created this website package price list with “add-ons” and “take-offs”. Perfectly tailored to suit your needs.

Can I keep the WordPress template?
You can use the Divi template for your website as long as you want me to maintain your website. I charge a web maintenance fee of €120 / A$195 a year. If you decide to maintain your website, you can order the Divi template on their website.


Besides her design skills she is able to use more technical systems without any struggles. This makes her able to support an e-commerce team in all areas. I enjoyed working with Sanne and despite the distance I experienced our collaboration as teamwork. Sanne taught me the importance of branding instead of always focussing on sales.

Patricia Schep, E-commerce Coördinator @ FreSh B.V.

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